Jaw treatment

Tumour surgery

Tumours should always be removed, even if they are benign, as they can cause pressure damage such as bone dissolution with subsequent fractures.

You are in the best hands with us for any tumour-related disease! Our tumour centre offers short service pathways and close cooperation between all the disciplines involved, which provide you with in-depth, personal advice and support.

Cleft malformations

The most common congenital malformation in the head and neck region is the cleft lip, jaw and palate. It affects one in 500 newborns.

Our Clinic and Ambulantory Surgery Center is particularly specialised in the correction of cleft malformations. Thanks to our sophisticated surgical techniques, almost no visible scars remain.

Jaw malpositions

Jaw malpositions can be congenital or acquired as we age. Apart from being unsightly, these often result in complex tensions, pain, limited mobility or tooth damage due to unbalanced stress. We can help!

We plan jaw realignments precisely and usually with the help of three-dimensional computer-assisted surgical planning. Corrections are made in a way that is gentle on the nerves and uses aid of state-of-the-art bone stabilisation (ostheosyntheses), which we were involved in developing.

Malocclusions (dysgnathia)

Many people are affected by malocclusions. Alongside their aesthetic impact, they often limit the individual’s quality of life, as well as eating, speaking, breathing.

We treat dysgnathia with our experience and well-practised procedures, surgically and in cooperation with excellent orthodontists.

Diseases of the temporomandibular joint

Temporomandibular joint disorders often lead to severe impairments in quality of life due to restricted mobility and pain. Their successful treatment is one of our most outstanding areas of service.

We have been able to help a large number of patients internationally with procedures that are gentle on the nerves right through to complete temporomandibular joint replacements.

Sleep apnoea

People who suffer from apnoea (cessation of breathing) during sleep are often exhausted during the day. The chronic lack of oxygen can also damage your organs.

Here we offer help by advancing the jaw, e.g. with protrusion splints, which improve breathing, or surgical therapy.

24/7 Traumatology

Through the Trauma Centre at the Sana Klinikum Offenbach, we care for emergencies in oral and maxillofacial surgery around the clock, 365 days a year.

Our Craniofacial Trauma Centre is interdisciplinary, is part of the modern major hospital and boasts first-class facilities and equipment. As experts in invisible incisions, we treat bone fractures in a minimally invasive way.

Facial reconstruction

Your face is an important part of your personality. Reconstruction after injuries or disease-related changes is therefore carried out with particular care, according to aesthetic and functional requirements.

Thanks to our special anatomical knowledge in this area as well as highly developed surgical techniques, we have restored „their face“ to numerous patients.

Cysts of the tooth and jaw

Tooth or jaw cysts are not only painful, but also dangerous – they can lead to tooth loss and damage to your jawbone.

The surgical removal of tooth and jaw cysts (cystectomy) is one of our routine oral surgery procedures.

Would you like to see your new look before the procedure?

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