Diseases of the temporomandibular joint
and temporomandibular joint surgery

Temporomandibular joint disorders (also known as craniomandibular dysfunction/CMD) refer to various malfunctions of the temporomandibular joint.

The masticatory system is one of the most sensitive systems of our body and, with its highly complex bony, muscular and nervous structures, functions similarly to the entire body. The systems and possible dysregulations influence each other. Head, neck or back pain can also be caused by a dysfunction of the masticatory system. And if the temporomandibular joints become diseased, this can have many causes.

Not every crooked tooth or cracking jaw has to necessarily result in treatment. Functional disorders need to be analysed carefully. Ill-fitting dentures, bridges or crowns, malocclusions, malpositions or postural errors may be responsible.

Patient videos on temporomandibular joint disorders

• Head, neck and back pain

• Tinnitus

• Dizziness

• Sleep disorders

• Bruxism (teeth grinding during sleep)

• Movement restrictions

• Difficulty swallowing

We treat temporomandibular joint disorders surgically with great experience and with treatment techniques that we have tested for years and constantly developed further. Where indicated, these procedures are extraordinarily successful and are performed in a way that is gentle on the nerves. We have been able to help a large number of patients significantly improve the mobility of their jaw and reduce TMJ pain through our treatment.

One of our specialist areas: temporomandibular joint replacement

In rare cases, a complete TMJ replacement is necessary, in which case we work with complex dentofacial implant therapy. We have successfully used these in an internationally outstanding number of patients. Our expertise also includes bone augmentation measures in cases of major bone loss or through specially designed implants.

Further information also available under: Dysgnathia, Jaw malpositions

We treat infectious conditions of the jaw bone with a combination of conservative and surgical methods according to the latest therapeutic principles. By means of modern, minimally invasive arthroscopy, an examination, diagnosis and/or therapeutic treatment of the temporomandibular joint is possible (see illustration)

Computer-based plannings

Exchange of endoprosthesis

Temporomandibular joint replacement with jaw realignment

Temporomandibular joint replacement (one-sided)

Temporomandibular joint replacement (both-sided)

Temporomandibular joint replacement (vintage)

Positioning control (Post-Op)

Planungs- und Stellungsdifferenzen ergeben sich durch die unterschiedlichen Mundöffnungen bei der Bilder-Aufnahme.

Where there is TMJ prosthesis intolerance or chronic infection, reconstruction using material from the fibula is possible

Opened mouth with temporomandibular joint replacements

We treat bones with gentle ultrasound, demonstrated here on a raw egg. As an alternative to ultrasound bone treatment, we use the microsaw, especially in jaw bone augmentation (right or second video).

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