Jaw malpositions

Misalignment of the jaw results not only in aesthetic impairments but also in complex tension, pain and limited mobility.

The Landes und Kollegen Clinic and Ambulantory Surgery Center corrects jaw malpositions in a way that is gentle on the nerves and uses aid of state-of-the-art bone stabilisation (ostheosyntheses), which we were involved in developing.

Nose and profile corrections

Profile improvements on the face can be achieved by combining a nose correction with chin, cheekbone or lower jaw line correction.

Our expertise in the anatomy and functionality of the jaw and facial structures also explains our strict aesthetic criteria and excellent results.

Aesthetic surgery

Aesthetic surgery can help to adapt your outer appearance to your inner sense of self, for more satisfaction and self-confidence.

As oral and maxillofacial surgeons, we know the functional as well as aesthetic relationships of all facial structures down to the smallest detail and offer the most modern and gentle techniques for all desired changes.

The new me

as a 3D simulation

Design your own dream face! Simply upload selfies, simulate them free of charge with the Crisalix 3D software and bring them to your appointment with us!