In principle, for people with general health insurance (statutory health insurance), all statutory services, in particular jaw realignment with an approved health insurance plan, root tip resections, etc., are possible without co-payment. Depending on the contract, and also in the case of private insurance or supplementary insurance/assistance, the following additional services may be chargeable:

We ask for your understanding that we did not invent these regulations, but unfortunately have to implement them.

Transparency is important to us – one of our treatment beliefs is that you deserve reliable cost planning.

As a person with general health insurance (statutory health insurance), you will receive a detailed cost estimate for all additional services, which you will be asked to countersign if you make use of the additional services. The cost estimate may be subject to a fee for you, depending on the amount of work involved. Once again, we ask for your understanding that services free of co-payment are limited to sufficient, appropriate and cost-effective services according to the German Social Security Code (Sozialgesetzbuch).


German Social Security Code (SGB) Book Five (V) – Statutory Health Insurance – (Article 1 of the Act of 20 December 1988, BGBl. I P. 2477) Section 12 (§ 12) Cost-effectiveness requirement

(1) The services must be sufficient, appropriate and cost-effective and they must not exceed what is necessary. Insured persons cannot claim for services that are unnecessary or uneconomical, the service providers may not provide them and the health insurance funds may not approve them.

–––– For patients with private insurance and financial assistance, we carry out all standard treatments at the prevailing scale of charges. Cost estimates, which are charged / subject to fees, are available upon request and for all major planned treatment steps.

Please clarify before your treatment which services are covered by your private health insurance or financial assistance. Given the variety of contracts, it is not possible for us to advise on this or negotiate for you. Accordingly, we cannot accept any responsibility for any costs that may not be covered.