For obstructive sleep apnoea, a mandibular advancement splint, also called an “anti-snoring splint”, can offer help. It can be a sensible and cost-saving alternative to a mask ventilator. Requirements: there must be no central causes of apnoea (due to cardiovascular diseases) or temporomandibular joint disorders. You should also have at least ten teeth left so that the splint stays in place.

In order for us to be able to make a protrusion splint for you, a precise diagnosis must first be made by a sleep physician, for example in a sleep laboratory. We will be happy to provide you with addresses in your area. The protrusion splint is custom-made for you in the laboratory and reduces constriction in the throat by shifting the lower jaw slightly forward. This also pulls the tongue forward in the mouth and throat, thereby widening it. After your splint has been created for you, another sleep lab visit will document exactly how far your lower jaw needs to be shifted by the splint so that you can sleep again without pauses in your breathing.