Root tip resections

Apicectomy is a surgical procedure to preserve a tooth. When root canal treatment by the dentist has not been successful for dead (devitalised) teeth and/or there is major inflammation or cysts at the tip of the root, apicectomy is necessary to preserve the tooth. To do this, an incision is made in the area of the root tip. The bone above the root tip is then reduced with the drill, along with the root tip and surrounding inflammatory tissue. Finally, the root canal of the tooth is usually also cleaned and treated with a microsurgical filling. We perform particularly thorough preparation and filling with the help of ultrasound (Piezosurgery). This procedure saves many teeth that would otherwise have to be removed and replaced with expensive tooth replacements.

We use both the modern, gentle, ultrasound-assisted root canal preparation and, if possible, modern, tissue-friendly and very well-sealing materials for the root filling (metal trioxide aggregate).

Following the procedure, be sure to cool the affected area of the jaw well – use moist cold! – ideally with a small towel or flannel moistened in cold water. – ideally with a small towel or flannel moistened in cold water. Please do not use cool packs, cold packs or ice packs! Please do not use cool packs, cold packs or ice packs! Taking antibiotics and/or pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory medicines
can usually prevent complications such as extensive swelling or haematoma. If necessary, we will be happy to prescribe these for you directly after your treatment in our Clinic and Ambulantory Surgery Center. Plan your meals: eat plenty of food before the operation, because you won’t be able to eat much for the rest of the day. Plan your food for the healing phase after surgery – ideally food that you do not have to chew. It should also not be hard, sharp, very acidic or hot.Recovery: as bleeding may continue for some time after the operation, you should organise a companion to take you home beforehand. Alternatively, you should order a taxi. We ask you to keep smoking, exercise and alcohol to a minimum during the first few days after oral surgery.

We treat bones with gentle ultrasound, demonstrated here on a raw egg. As an alternative to ultrasound bone treatment, we use the microsaw, especially in jaw bone augmentation (right or second video).

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