An artificial temporomandibular joint is a useful addition for advanced temporomandibular joint disorders and is used when other surgical measures have been unsuccessful. The artificial temporomandibular joint can also be used after a serious injury, in the case of a missing temporomandibular joint, in the case of temporomandibular joint malformations and in the case of temporomandibular joint ossification / ankylosis. Temporomandibular joint endoprostheses are made of the same materials that have already proven themselves in the still far more common joint endoprostheses such as the hip joint or knee joint: highly cross-linked polymer (for the socket) and titanium (medical grade pure titanium) or highly biocompatible metal alloys. Artificial temporomandibular joints, like all joint endoprostheses, are subject to wear and tear that can make replacement necessary after about 20 years. An artificial temporomandibular joint cannot offer the complete range of motion of a healthy temporomandibular joint due to its structural design. However, it helps patients to significantly improve eating, chewing and speaking and reduces pain, allowing a good quality of life as well as unhindered participation in everyday life. At our oral and maxillofacial surgery Clinic and Ambulantory Surgery Center in Offenbach, we have extensive and long-standing experience with artificial temporomandibular joints and would be happy to offer you personalised advice.